Lets play ball

The press needs to stop this **** about the turmoil in the Yankee club house.  So Derek and Arod are not bosom buddies any more.  Let us not forget that The Babe hated Lou Gehrig.  Joe DiMaggio did not like Mantle when he came up.  Who cares.  As long as they play together all will be fine.  To the Press.  Stop being idiots and report on Baseball not the incidental soap opera.  There is no time for that nonsense.  As for Mussina calling out Pavano.  He was just saying that he needs to prove himself.  Every year all players should feel that they need to prove them selves.  The worst thing ever to hit baseball is the guarantied contract.  It promotes apathy.  Remember after Mantle won the Triple Crown the next year he did not win so he got a pay cut.  You do your job you get payed. 

OK I am done ranting.  Just my opinions but I could be wrong. 

PS.  The Press needs to go away until they can play nice.  Time out for the press.


Players and the Press

With the recent press for Arod I think it is time for Derek Jeter to hold a class for all major league players on how to handle the press.  He is the only ballplayer that I have seen that quickly defuses the Press when they came trolling.  Just watch the man in action.